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March 10, 2009

Welcome to the Bookmama’s Blog!  When it comes to books and reading I feel a little like Oscar the Grouch felt about the trash on Sesame Street.  “Oh I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty…”   Remember him?  I have the same level of passion for reading new thoughts and ideas. Oh I love books!  Anything fiction or hardback or…I’ll let you write the rest of the tune.

I think it’s important to mention that I started this blog because among many of the other things I love (family, friends, guacamole…), I also love my church family (which is why I’m the “ACAC” bookmama) and find great joy in sharing my new discoveries with these friends.  I like to think of ideas as seeds and myself  someone who’s been given the job to sow into a particular community of faith.

If you’ve stumbled onto this page and you are not a  part of the ACAC church family ( feel free to look around and share a few thoughts of your own.  But please note that while we aren’t trying to be exclusive we will refer to life within our community on the northside of Pittsburgh.  Gotta go…so many books…and only one of me!